Monday, October 17

3:00 PM

Registration opens 

4:30 PM -
5:30 PM

First Timers/New Member Reception (by invitation only)

5:30 PM -
7:30 PM

Welcome reception

Tuesday, October 18 

7:00 AM -
8:00 AM


8:15 AM -
8:45 AM

General Session – Welcome and SMI Updates

Jane Pleasants
Executive Director


Steve Gundersen
Board Chair


Nancy Anderson
Associate Executive Director


8:45 AM -
10:00 AM

General Session – Keynote Presentation

The Ever-Evolving Healthcare Industry:  Where are we now and where are we going?

Join us for our keynote presentation featuring Dr. Reed Tuckson, MD FACP, a leader in health equity, policy, and innovation.  This session will highlight the key determinants that are shaping the evolving health care landscape.  We’ll dive in to explore the causes; the health implications; and solutions pertinent to the erosion of trust in health care professionals and organizations. Dr. Tuckson will share his perspective on the relationship between the social determinants of disease and their evolving incorporation into new care delivery models as value-based reimbursement replaces traditional fee for service financing.  And he will explore the implications and suggested interventions to achieve more equitable outcomes as care delivery increasingly moves from institutions and into community settings and homes supported by new, innovative digital technologies. 

Reed V. Tuckson, MD, FACP
Managing Director, Tuckson Health Connections, LLC

10:00 AM -
10:30 AM

Networking Break

10:30 AM -
11:45 AM

General Session – The Next Big Thing

What’s the Next Big Thing you need to know about?  What do we need to do to be prepared to innovate and stay at the leading edge?  Eric O’Daffer from Gartner will facilitate a discussion among SMI members based on input from experts in a variety of fields.  Listen to the expert (via video) share their thoughts on the Next Big Thing, and then talk at your table about what each innovation might mean to healthcare and to your operation.  There will be lots of creative brainstorming as we challenge our own assumptions about what’s coming next. 


Speakers: Click each to view the video shown at the Forum:


Eric O’Daffer
Research Vice President

Eric O'Daffer

John D. Halamka, M.D., M.S.
President, Mayo Clinic Platform

The Next Big Thing in Data Innovation: Embracing Machine Learning to Augment Human Decision Making


Tim Dupree
President, Kelly Professional & Industrial

The Next Big Thing in Talent Management: Finding and keeping the talent – generational demands and the silent workforce

Rubin Pillay, MD
Professor, Futurist, Chief Innovation Officer

The Next Big Thing in Healthcare Delivery: Space Age supply chain and how that might inform a future with no hospitals


11:45 AM -
12:45 PM

Networking Lunch & Optional Luncheon Discussion Rounds

Pick a topic, grab your lunch, and join the conversation!  During our lunch break, we will have tables designated for discussion of key issues important to all of us in these changing times.  So, review the list of topics when you are registering, and pick the one you’d like to talk with your fellow SMI members about the most.  Topics will include:  Sustainability, the Evolution of the CSC, Diverse Leadership, Physician and Clinician Engagement, Risk Management, the Agile Supply Chain, Inflation, and more.  Make sure sign up for a topic that interests you during registration and take the opportunity to be part of one of these important conversations!   


And if you prefer to network at lunch without facilitated discussion, we will also have tables available for unstructured casual conversations. 

12:45 PM -
1:15 PM

General Session


  • Tom Hughes Collaboration Award
  • 10th Anniversary Awards

1:15 PM -
1:45 PM

General Session 

SMI Councils Update   

Our SMI Councils have been doing some terrific work together, and they will each provide an update on their activities to date and what’s to come.

1:45 PM -
3:00 PM

General Session – Driving Relationship Transformation:  Changing How we do Business Together

Kate is recognized as an international authority on strategic business relationships and brings to SMI her expertise in the art, science, and practice of highly collaborative relationships.  Kate will challenge you to change how you do business with your strategic business partners – sharing real-world examples across industries where transformed relationships have resulted in high-impact value for trading partners.  We have left time at the end of Kate’s talk for an interactive barrier-busting Q&A where SMI members can challenge Kate with barriers they have experienced, and she will share best practices on how other organizations have overcome similar barriers.  

This program will give SMI members insights to: 

  • Shift from “buying” and “selling” to “architecting” trading partner relationships 
  • Build relationships that drive transformation and innovation with purposeful investments designed to create long-term economic value
  • Learn from companies like P&G, McDonald’s, and Microsoft – how they are redefining winning in their trading partner relationships 

Kate Vitasek Author, Educator and Business Consultant


3:00 PM -
3:30 PM

Networking Break

3:30 PM -
4:45 PM

SMI2U Workshops


New Sourcing Strategies for Resilience and Driving Change in Trading Partner Relationships

What do trading partners need to know from each other about new sourcing strategies?  What should we be asking each other to improve our resiliency?  This panel discussion will share insights from recent ASU research, while SMI members discuss how to source differently and strengthen trading partner relationships.

Key Takeaways:

  • Optimal sourcing strategies for the new reality
  • The best approaches with trading partners for more resilient sourcing 
  • Research showing on where sourcing strategies are headed


Mikaella Polyviou
Assistant Professor in the Department of Supply Chain Management


Jim Ekler, B.Math, MS, CMC, ICD.D


Matt Gattuso
Vice President and General Manager


Steven Chyung
Senior Vice President, Chief Supply Chain and Procurement Officer



Inflation is Here – What do we do now? 

Inflation is here, and it’s putting all of us under pressures we haven’t seen for a long time.  Join this session to learn about trends in inflation and the key drivers that are impacting the inflation we are facing today.  We will look at data across the healthcare industry and the supply chain to understand where inflation is coming from and where it might be going.  The panel will share their experience and thoughts about how process changes can drive down cost across the supply chain, and you will have the opportunity to brainstorm with your peers to develop new processes that can mitigate inflation for your organization.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Key drivers of inflation
  • Projected inflationary trends
  • Process changes that can mitigate the impact of inflation


Tom Harvieux
Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer


David Dobryzkowski
Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management


Lisa Hohman

Keith LaFrance

Keith LaFrance
Senior Director, Contract Strategy & pricing

Johnson & johnson


Building a Deeper Talent Pool 

The labor market is tighter than ever.  What can we do to find the best talent for our organizations?  What can we do to retain the talent we already have?  Join this session to learn about the Gartner model for Talent Management, how Mayo is using the model to create a best practice approach, and think about how this approach could apply to the challenges you’re facing in your organizations today.

Key Takeaways:

  • Elements of a successful talent management program 
  • Effective strategies for talent retention 
  • Maintaining the commitment to talent management over time 


Eric Tichy
Division Chair, Supply Chain Management

Eric O'Daffer

Eric O’Daffer
Research Vice President



Partnership:  It’s more important than ever!

The pandemic, supply chain disruptions and labor shortages have put a tremendous strain on the relationships between Providers and Suppliers.  In this workshop we will discuss the changing relationship between Providers and Suppliers and the evolution of Strategic Partnerships; what does the future looks like, where are we going, what new elements should we consider and how should we be thinking differently?

Key Takeaways:

  • What makes a good partner in our new reality?
  • What makes Collaboration work?
  • How do we Identify and Prioritize Problems to be solved together?
  • Can we define best practice process for change?
  • What is the new Value Proposition for Partnership?


Gary Fennessy

Gary Fennessy
Chief Supply Officer

Northwestern Medicine

Doug Golwas
EVP Acute Care Sales

Ilya Trakhtenberg


Ilya Trakhtenberg
Managing Director



Mitigating Supply Risks – Emerging Operating Capabilities and Trading Partner Relationships

Risk is part of everything we do.  So, how do we manage it more effectively?  This SMI member panel will share their thoughts on how they have developed organizational talent, capabilities and features to create a stronger resilient operation now and into the future.  They will share new approaches to think about managing risk in trading partner relationships. Participants will share ideas and brainstorm how we can all work together to strengthen trust and reduce risk across the supply chain.

Key takeaways:

  • Understanding our own risk tolerance
  • Defining the elements of risk in trading partner relationships
  • Creative ideas for lower risk


Tom Lubotsky
Vice President of Supply Chain


Kevin Nelson
Senior Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer


Burton Fuller
Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer

Jesse Shafer

Jesse Schafer
Executive Director


6:00 PM -
9:00 PM

Evening Dinner Celebration 

We’re having a Mexican Fiesta!  Come on outside for an evening full of Mexican food, fun, and networking under the stars. We will have contests to see which teams make the best salsa and margaritas. Come enjoy this event under the stars!

Casual dress is recommended.

Wednesday, October 19 

7:00 AM -
8:00 AM


8:00 AM -
10:00 AM

Thought Leadership Council Meetings

Conversations continue on these topics of strategic importance to our industry.  These Councils have been meeting since early this year.  They each have a unique focus and will be producing output to help move our industry forward.  If you’re already on a Council, please attend that Council meeting.  If you have not yet joined a Council, please attend one of the sessions as a guest and learn about the wonderful work they’re doing.  These teams are a great way to work side-by-side with your fellow SMI members and lead the healthcare supply chain forward. 


Click the Council to Download each Presentation 

10:00 AM -
10:30 AM

Networking break

10:30 AM -
10:45 AM

General Session – SMI Strategic Plan Update

Jim will update us on the progress we have made executing on our 2019 Strategic Plan.  We’ve accomplished a lot in the past few years, and there are many more exciting developments to come. 

Jim Francis
Division Chair, Supply Chain Management and Assistant Treasurer


10:45 AM -
11:15 AM

General Session – AWS for Healthcare – The ERA of Personalized Health

Customers are innovating and transforming the future of health with AWS. Hear from this prominent leader in care transformation and learn about Amazon’s Culture of Innovation and AWS Healthcare & Life Sciences mission. Dr. Srinivas will provide more insights on how to enable the access and delivery of person-centered care to improve outcomes at a lower cost by accelerating the digitization and utilization of healthcare data.

Prathima Srinivas, M.D., MHA,
Worldwide Healthcare
Partner Executive


11:15 AM -
12:00 PM

Closing General Session:  Panel Discussion – Achieving a Clinically Integrated Supply Chain  

In 2022, SMI launched a Physician Advisory Council comprised of SMI members and their physician leaders from both provider and industry partner organizations.  These physicians will share their thoughts on the best strategies for integrating clinical and supply chain activities to help us all achieve our ultimate goal –exceptional care for the patient.  Members will have a chance to ask questions and share insights as we all work together to change the paradigm.





Mary Beth Lang, ScD
Chief Pharmacy Officer


Lisa Ishii, M.D.
Professor of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery & Senior Vice President of Operations


Rohan Sonawane, M.D.,
Director Medical Affairs


Prathima Srinivas, M.D., MHA,
Worldwide Healthcare
Partner Executive


12:00 PM -
12:15 PM

Forum Closing Remarks

12:15 PM -
1:00 PM

Lunch (optional – please sign up during registration) 


1:00 PM -
5:00 PM

Driving a Culture of Innovation – The Amazon Experience

5:30 PM -
8:00 PM

Networking Dinner Event (at The Scottsdale Resort)